Treatment of the stomach and intestines

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Inguinal hernias are among the most common ailments worldwide, which can only be cured surgically even today.

Reflux / Diaphragmatic hernia

Reflux disease is the most common benign disease of the upper gastrointestinal tract in the western world.

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Diverticular disease

Colonic diverticulosis is an acquired, sac-shaped protrusion of the colon wall.

Incisional hernias

In the event of a rupture (hernia), abdominal organs pass through a gap (hernia opening) in the abdominal wall into a protuberance (hernia sac) lined with peritoneum. In this way, intestines or other tissue can be forced into the gap and blood flow can be reduced or stopped.

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Many people have gallstones in their gallbladder without realizing it. This is also completely irrelevant, since asymptomatic gallstone carriers do not need to be treated. In the case of uncomplicated, occasional complaints, treatment with painkillers is usually sufficient.

Colon cancer

Malignant mucosal growths (carcinomas) in the large intestine (colon = large intestine) or in the rectum (rectum = rectum) are also called colon carcinoma or rectal carcinoma and are the third most common cancer in men and women in Western Europe.

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Symptoms associated with appendicitis are often uncharacteristic. The pain often begins in the upper abdomen, moves to the navel and then to the lower right abdomen.

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