Outpatient & inpatient treatments

Outpatient operations

MVZ München Innenstadt
Sonnenstrasse 29 / 1.OG
80331 München
Tel.: 49 89 45 205 9000
Fax: +49 89 45 205 9098
E-Mail: info@mvzinnenstadt.de

Mo – Fr: 7.15 bis 16.00 Uhr

Herzogpark-Klinik München

Arabellastr 9-11, 81925 München, Tel: 089-5505388-88

Your stay at the Herzogpark Klinik

The Herzogpark Klinik is located in  Munich Bogenhausen,  with many opportunities for shopping, museum, Opera, theater and cabaret nearby easily reached by public services in a few minutes. We want you to be comfortable during your stay in the Herzogpark Klinik and to return home healthy. So that you know before your arrival what to expect, we have written a list of the essential points of how your stay with us will go. 

Before your inpatient stay:
Make an appointment with us either via telephone or email before your stay at the clinic. We will contact you shortly before your appointment comes up. Please find the best means of coming to the clinic by using the menu Direction To the Practice. By inpatient treatments at the Herzogpark Klinik, please report to the Admissions in the 19th floor of the clinic- building. In an emergency the admissions forms can be filled out in your room.

Admissions at Herzogpark Klinik:

Monday-Thursday0730 – 1630
Friday0730 – 1300
Sunday1000 – 1500

Stationäre OP in München - Patientenzimmer

Inpatients required their health insurance or clinic card. Please bring you Passport or other official identification with you, and if required, the referral note from your doctor.

You may request special services such as single bed rooms not covered by your insurance, but these must be paid for by the patient at a contracted price. Information about special services available can be found at the Riefler Clinic. Please inform yourself about the services covered by your insurance, and which are selfpaid by calling your insurance company before you are admitted to the clinic.

Checklist for your stay

Please begin preparations for your stay at the clinic as soon as you know when your treatment is to begin. The following checklist will help you prepare:

  1. Visit your internist. Please ask your internist for all relevant lab work and other examinations such as EKG, X-Ray, Ultrasound, etc that are required for your treatment. This will save us and you time and expense by avoiding double lab and examinations.
  2. Inform your family members. Do you family members know that you are going to hospital? Have you informed your employer? Have you arranged for the care of your pets, house plants and home (post and newpapers) while you are in treatment? Make certain you have cancelled or postponed all your other appointments and regularly scheduled dates before you are admitted.
  3. Packing your overnight bag. What you will need during your stay:
    • toothbrush and toothpaste soap,
    • cosmetics,
    • bathrobe,
    • pajamas or other bedclothes,
    • house shoes normal day clothes,
    • your glasses
    • Medicince
  4. Your Medical records. Please bring all relevant medical records, lab and test results, X-rays, etc with you. You may also fill out the admissions form at home and bring it with your records and information. The medical records will go to the attending physician, and all insurance and other personal information (address, telephone, name and telephone of next-of-kin, etc) for admissions.